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The Fatalist: AR Concept by Gabrieloid Studios
Archtype: Highest RoF, Lowest Impact Autorifle (Void damage)
First Perk: High Caliber Rounds
Exotic Perk: Fatalist - After a kill with this weapon, any remaining bullets in the mag will do considerable bonus flinch.
Intrinsic Perk: For the Fleet - When the mag is empty, gain faster reload speed and increased agility when reloading.

Quote: "Earth has had its time. Mourn it, but don't die with it." - Arach Jalaal

Look: A black and white Monte Carlo, with the Dead Orbit logo on it. The Monte Bayonet is replaced with the Lingering Songs Bayonet.
Usage Example: Say you kill a low-tier enemy, with 10 bullets. The remaining 50 bullets now have extreme flinch, with the exotic perk and high caliber rounds active, allowing for major flinch to bosses. The same could go for PVP as well. Imagine the flinch you get now with High Caliber Rounds, but double it.

Grimoire: Not much is known about the Dead Orbit Representative. Some say he has a fleet so large it could cover the night sky. Others propose that everything he says is just a lie, made to intimidate factions like New Monarchy. However, there is a rumor about a secret weapon he keeps at his side, a weapon given to him by the Guardian he loved. A Guardian whose name was lost during the fateful battle of Twilight Gap. They say that this rumored death is the reason which drives him. If the rumors are true, to any extent, then Dead Orbit's leader is far more dangerous than we realize. An underdog like him could turn the tide in a way we never suspected...

This would also be obtained through a Dead Orbit exclusive questline, done at rank 30, which the player would do missions for Arach Jalaal that would hint to his time as an early leader of Dead Orbit, and to the Guardian he loved.
Hiraeth's Extirpate: Exotic Sidearm Concept
Idea and Info by Shadow Untold

Void Damage

"It is not time for requiem, but for redemption."

Rate Of Fire: 100/100
Impact: 8/100
Range: 20/100
Stability: 45/100
Reload: 95/100

Magazine: 38

Intrinsic Perk: "Redemption" This sidearm is fully automatic.

Main perk: Rangefinder

Tree Perks: Hip fire / Flared Magwell / Fitted Stock / Zen Moment

Exotic Perk: "Extirpate" Kills Reduce the next magazine size but increase damage. Kills with a reduced magazine increase range but decrease stability. Continues until the magazine size is reduced to 0. Here the magazine size is reset.

Grimore/Backstory: Hiraeth knew the tide was coming in, but he stayed a while, Staring into the horizon. His eyes were like stones, fixed in place showing no emotion. He found his feet and turned around. He was not inspired by hope, or driven by freedom. He was not intrigued by the way people seek a religion. He searched for redemption, lost in the shores of belief.
Declined Departure: Hunter Helm by MyNameIsBudder
Upon activating ShadeStep, you are teleported to the Hive Ascendant Realm for around 4 seconds.  

It would work like Phase Shift from TitanFall 2.

This would take the place of your super.

Oryx: "You are a Hunter. Born to roam. Your purpose is to fight alone, to never be seen. Accept this blade, and you will be more than just... free."

"That's where Oryx went wrong. You can't "Take" a Hunter. They are the most stubborn of them all. I would know, from personal experience. All you have done, Oryx, is given this guardian the ability to travel. To travel as freely as he desires. Good job on that."

- Cayde 6, Hunter Vanguard
The Shining Dragon: Gauntlets by Tyler Williams
Type: Exotic "Shotgun" Gauntlets
Grimoire: "These weapons were forged by a madman or a genius. The Vanguard was pleased with the prototype of these specialized "gauntlets" and their efficiency at close quarters combat. Modeled after the attack pattern of Taken Phalanx's, these specialized kinetic gauntlets have gained quite a favorable following with the Tower's Titan population.

Intrinsic Perk: "One-Two Combo" - Gain an additional melee charge. Reduces melee charge time (18%)

Exotic Perk 1: One-Inch Punch - Consume melee charge and cause enemies hit by your melee to rocket away at escape velocity. (This punch has the capability to kill certain low armor targets outright if they bounce off of surfaces hard enough)
Exotic Perk 2: Concussive Rounds - Replaces your secondary weapon use. Hit melee button to launch a one-two punch of short range (shotgun range) concussive rounds that disorient and send targets reeling back.
Xul's Legacy: Auto Rifle Concept by Xul's Legacy
Anti-Matter Auto Rifle

Perk 1-Chasm rounds: This weapon fires faster and more accurately the longer the trigger is held.

perk 2 Focused firefly: While Focused Fire is active, precision kills cause the target to explode.

Perk 3-No backup: Does not need to be reloaded, regenerates ammo over time.

Iron RedDot


"Xul's Legacy dates back to fall of the golden age... As an Exo Xul was claimed faulty when he predicted the day the darkness would prevail..." - Venus Archives.

This is an idea that I've been thinking about that could be cool for the Sequel.

In essence, "True Exotics" are items that will always be the highest available light level and include properties that make them better than the normal versions.

So let me demonstrate what this idea could do to something like...Patience and Time.

How to access "True Exotic" Quests:

Once you reach the end-game of the sequel the director would tell you that your Guardian is now open to quests that give items of exotic value a higher tier to work towards.

To gain access to the quest you would have to fill out the required amount of time using said exotic, a lot of kills or specific types of kills, and a trigger item. Trigger Items would be a mission item that would activate upon reaching a spot in the game world, on a specific planet.

Once the requirements are filled and the trigger is activated in the correct spot you would then get launched into a cutscene. The cutscene would always involve a Guardian of Old or a Lost Soul of Light telling you of the item you have. They would give you the opportunity to go through challenges to receive the best version or "True" version of that item.

Let's go through what a quest for Patience and Time would be like.

An Idea for how Patience and Time Quest could go:

The cutscene begins in the jungles of Venus, deep within Fallen Territory. The Ghost would look towards a path ahead, covered with remains of dead Fallen. The Fallen, however, are emitting a large amount of energy that is traveling outside to a single spot. Once the Ghost tells the Guardian the danger, the Guardian of Old reveals himself.

This guardian is a Hunter. The Cloak they wear is completely invisible, hiding the Hunter's body as well. It fragments the environment around the edges where you see his face and body. He speaks of a story, lost to the world from before the Traveler. When he concludes, he tells you that the story is part of your first test, implying that you will begin a legend retold through you. He then disappears...killing a Fallen Captain that was coming up behind you.

The quest is now in your missions tab, and tells you to find a beast that lives within the Jungle. This beast is known by the Fallen as well, but they never wish to face it ever. Your task is to kill the beast ON YOUR OWN and retrieve a piece as proof of the kill.

Coming back to the trigger point will play another cutscene revealing the next task, a stealth mission within a Fallen base of operations. If you're seen, you will surely perish. However, the Guardian will not let you go in with something like Cayde-6's Cloaking technology. The cutscene ends and you can start the mission, retrieve a master cloaking drive from the Fallen base.

Completing the mission will start the last part of the mission on the trigger point. Your final test is to hunt the Guardian. You will have to kill the Guardian within a certain area, but he will be fully cloaked and trying to kill you as well. If you can take him out 7 times, he will give you the plans of the original Patience and Time.

Take the plans to the Gunsmith and retrieve the weapon immediately.

Quest Complete.

What would be different for this Patience and Time?

Well, let's see.

  • Third Eye is now a hidden perk and is natural with the weapon.

  • Patience and Time would now highlight a target's location and reveal footprints of where they went.

  • This weapon is now completely silent, you will not be seen on radar and name will not show up, and you can shoot the weapon while invisible now. The Lens Flare would alway still be there.

  • The amount of time your invisible is now much larger and sliding will let you stay invisible.

  • You will always hold more ammo with this weapon, regardless of ammo perks.

It would also get a visual buff, making it look unique and exotic compared to the original exotic.

This is a long post and the idea might not be the best. I hope you guys talk about it in the comments and discuss what you think.


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sar1224 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your exotic concepts, and I saw every one, but I don't have any good ideas for an exotic weapon, so one day, I decided to look at all the exotic weapons in the game. I made a note on my Macbook and been working on this for months. Can I share them with you altogether or should I send it to you one at a time?
DestinyWarlock Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You could post it here.
sar1224 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Exotic Improvements: Weapons (Theory: To make an exotic weapon more exotic, they should have Intrinsic Perks, Just like the 4th horseman, No Time To Explain, Weapon class exotics, etc)


(Auto Rifles)

-Fabian Strategy: It should have an intrinsic perk called ‘Fabian Strategy' where Crowd Control is present, but after getting a kill, it would last longer and deal more damage. (Thanks to the reduction in damage with Front Lines changing the auto rifles archetype at close range, it balances it out can still do what it was intended to do.)

-Hard Light: It should have an intrinsic perk called ‘Tuned Mass Dampers' (big bells that balance giant buildings) where as you damage the enemy, the weapon becomes more stable and easier to aim, but the gun becomes heavy so moving the gun while firing will be difficult. (To fix the gun’s richocie, even when at max stability).

-Khvostov 7G-0X: It should improve on the intrinsic perk called 'Lightweight’ and instead be called ‘Field Manual Approved’ where it should grant +4 character agility and improves weapon handling when equipped. (On a side note, the three sets of firing modes should be improved to better perform in the crucible and against the Darkness)

-Monte Carlo: It should have an intrinsic perk called ‘Roll With It’ where using the weapon from the hip improves moment speed (making hip-fire gameplay all the more interesting on the gun, freeing you from aiming and trying out different attack patterns), and also make the ‘Monte Carlo Method’ more potent when firing from the hip.

-Suros Regime: Reduce the nerf that was caused to ‘Spinning Up’ by 30% should it's a viable option in the Crucible again.

-Zhalo Supercell: Improve ‘Bolts from the Blue’ so that when getting double kills, it can send a mildly larger sized portion of the magazine refunded, but the super regeneration is fine as it is. (That way, instead of using the gun on small mobs of enemies, its viable against larger enemies and Guardians in the Crucible)

(Hand Cannons)

-The First Curse: There should be an added ability on the intrinsic perk called ‘Dead Eye’ where after landing two consecutive precision shots, the third consecutive precision shot will deal 3x its original damage (goes with Triple Tap very well and pushes the player to be aggressive with their shots to get the most out of the gun)

-Ace of Spades: It should have an intrinsic perk called ’Ace of Spades’ where Third Eye is still being used, but becomes more detailed as enemy comes closer to you.

-The Last Word: I’ll leave it as it is for now, but it’s important to look back at the nerfs and buffs the gun had and how it was also affected by the general hand cannon nerfs and buffs to truly understand its position in the game if it is in need to really be balanced. (I tried to go over it, but three years of changes is a lot to process).

-Thorn: It should have ‘Mark of the Devourer’ as an intrinsic perk and 'The Hunger’ as a new exotic perk where enemies that were poisoned by ‘Mark of the Devourer’ will take more damage from only the Thorn as the poison stacks up, and as the poison stakes, so does the damage the piercing rounds give (since the damage is low, I wanted to give it a competitive boost against other hand cannons) and improve the 'Mark of the Devourer' so that it damages the shields of minions of the darkness, regardless of element color (figured that the poison should function OUTSIDE of the Crucible as well in some way).

-Hawkmoon: It should have an intrinsic perk called ’Silver Talons’ where the recent buff to hand cannon’s accuracy on the first initial shot should only apply to this hand cannon, where pacing your shots can award you perfect accuracy. Also, like how the last round deals bonus precision damage on a sniper, the exotic perk ‘Holding Aces’ should also make the 3 random bullets deal more damage if they dealt precision damage by like 5-10%.

(Pulse Rifles)

-No Time To Explain: It should have an intrinsic perk called ’Soon’ where it not only has Headseeker, but repeatedly landing precision shots will take ammo from the reserve and refill the entire magazine (making head seeker be used more often to increase the damage on the exotic perk Rewind Again), and the exotic perk Rewind Again should have the Stranger Rifles ability Rewind with it, where missed shots have a chance to return to the magazine. Also change the scope to the Stanger’s Rifle lens and reduce flash from muzzle to be used easier (IT'S A PULSE, NOT A SCOUT).

-Red Death: It should have an intrinsic perk called ‘Fear’ where when health is low, you gain a massive boost to recovery but lowers armor and agility. (The recent patch to lower rate of fire pulse rifles and it's exotic perk should make this gun more viable)

-Bad Juju: It should have an intrinsic perk called ‘Bad Juju’ where not only does it have full auto, but pacing your initial bursts will grant bonus stability and range (Helps chose their approach to certain engagements)

-Outbreak Prime: Perfect as it is, but I feel like they should be more aggressive to the point where it can serve as an area-of-effect to close of places.

(Scout Rifles) 

-Mida Multi-Tool: It should have an intrinsic perk called 'Relentless Tracker’ (Goes well with third eye and grants more area awareness).

-Touch of Malice: Improve it’s ‘Darkness’ so that it rids a guardian of any over shield it uses, but improve the 'Touch of Malice’ intrinsic perk so that it is less potent at chipping health and more at preventing recovery (like Thorn’s poison) and make the ’Touch of Mercy’ react on getting a kill will return a small portion of health back.

-The Jade Rabbit: Improve the intrinsic perk ‘The Fate of All Fools' where landing all body shots and landing the very last round as a precision shot will deal massive damage and refill the magazine (but only affects specific target its being used on, like major or ultra enemies), and doing the two-body-shot then one precision shot repeatedly will cause the damage to stack up to 3 times.

-Tlaloc: It should have an intrinsic perk called ‘Tlaloc' where Grenadier is present, but getting quick multi-kills will quickly replenish your grenades, but it will become less potent when super is full (to balance it out against Overflow and not become to overpowered).

Boolean Gemini: Make the intrinsic perk ‘True/False Twins’ (easter egg to name) where rounds overpenetrate and stagger targets, but it makes this weapon more harder to handle.

(Fusion Rifles)

-Plan C: It should have an intrinsic perk called 'No Contingency Plans’ where getting a kill when health is critical is when you immediately recover (like the Red Death Perk but limited to how low your health is and not when your just damaged).

-Queenbreakers’ Bow: It should have an intrinsic perk called ‘Queenbreakers' Bow’ where immediately after getting off the scope, you briefly turn invisible (key word: BRIEFLY, like 3 seconds to run to cover).

-Telesto: Improve ‘Harbinger’s Spark’ so that when getting a multikill with the Telesto while you have a full super, your super will be depleted but you will generate more orbs for your allies.


-Invective: It should have an intrinsic perk called ‘A Short Conversation’ where not only does it have full auto, but pacing your initial shots will grant bonus stability and damage (Helps chose their approach to certain engagements)

-Lord of Wolves: It should have an intrinsic perk called ‘Lord of Wolves' where Crowd Control is present, but after getting a kill, it would deal even more damage to Fallen enemies.

-The 4th Horseman: The perk ‘Return to Sender’ should be removed and instead be named 'The Pathfinder' where rapidly landing body shots with The 4th Horseman will immediately send ammo from your reserves into the magazine (like Black Spindle or Super Good Advice, holy **** would this exotic be wanted if this happened).

-The Chaperone: Perfect as it is.

-Universal Remote: It should have an intrinsic perk called ‘Shot Package’ so that when aiming down sights, the shot is more packed together to deliver a strong blow to the head.


-Hereafter: The intrinsic perk called ’The Hereafter’ should all add the ability of ‘Take a Knee'

-Patience and Time: It should have an intrinsic perk called ’Silent Ghost’ where killing an enemy at a certain distance (preferably where they cannot detect you on their radar) will not reveal your location and will remove glare for 5 seconds after said kill (works in perfect symmetry with the exotic perk where being invisible will keep you off the radar)

-Zen Meteor: It’s exotic perk ‘With a Laser Beam’ should deal 6x more damage when its a precision hit

-Black Spindle:
It should have an intrinsic perk called ‘Death Singer’s Lure’ where staying still causes the rounds to over penetrate targets and increase flinch but makes the weapon movement harder to retarget.

-Ice Breaker: Improve on the exotic perk where getting rapid kills will cause the gun to recharge faster, but it will continue to heat up, burning you until it blows up in your face.


-Trespasser: Perfect as it is.

-Dreg’s Promise: Switch ‘Grave Robber’ with ‘Surplus’

(Machine Guns)

-Abbadon, Nova Mortis, Thunderlord: Perfect as it is

-Super Good Advice:  It should have an intrinsic perk called ‘It’s Full of It’ where it has a combination of Surplus (except it occurs less often, no reserve ammo space) and Field Scout (not so much a boost in reserves) (Large ammunition should make up for low damage)

-Nemesis Star: Perfect as it is.

All rockets are perfect as it is. Yes, even you Truth.

Thanks to the buff, all swords are perfect as it is.

Hopefully, this list can improve or make some usable again! Hope the community picks up on this and gets support to make exotics more 'exotic' like in Year 1! Hope to hear what you think! :) (Smile) 
CapistranoTheGreat Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So I've had this one in the works for awhile, I wanted to try to perfect it as to make it not too OP, but still follow a theme

Exotic Scout Rifle Concept

Name(s): "The Shambled" then "The Attuned" and finally "The Perfected" (This will be explained in its exotic Perk)

Quote: "Even the smallest thing can turn into a vicious monster, just give it time"

Grimoire: It would be wrong to underestimate this guns's potential. It thrives off its victims, becomes better suited to fight them. Just like how after the collapse we were thrown into a new environment and had to adapt to thrive in it, this weapon will do the same. This is what you can achieve when you bend Siva to your will using your light.

Exotic Perk: "Evolution"
Throughout a mission/match this weapon will gain experience in its own separate bar from killing enemies. Upon filling the bar the first time it will gain minor increases to all stats and have its name changed from "The Shambled" to "The Attuned." Upon filling the bar again it will once again get minor bonuses to all stats. Upon the third time the bar is filled it will have it's named changed from "The Attuned" to "The Perfected." It will also gain the perk "Adapted." All experience used to level the weapon is lost when the activity is completed

Exotic perk 2: "Adapted"
Depending on what enemy was used to level up the gun, different effects will occur (i.e. Cabal, Fallen, Enemy Guardians, etc.)
Guardians: Shots will gain a chance to make the enemy flinch heavily
Cabal: Getting a kill will provide a small overshield for a few seconds (doesn't stack)
Fallen: Getting a kill enables burst fire for a few seconds
Hive: Getting a kill has a small chance to refill the magazine
Vex: Getting a kill will give all your shots a chance to be criticals, no matter where they land for the next few seconds (Doesn't stack)
Taken: Killing an enemy has a chance to make them turn sides, attacking enemies nearby before dying a few seconds later (limit of 2 converted enemies at a time)

Stat Overview: Starts off with below average stats but as it gains it's buffs it levels out to a pretty good stat distribution, not anything to scream over, but enough to make it viable.

Appearance (You don't need to use this, just a suggestion): an amalgamation of all different styles of weaponry from minions of the darkness, tied together by strands of Siva but with a bright light emanating from the gun's interior

I designed the bonuses from "Adapted" to either help deal with that certain kind of enemy or to behave similar to the style of enemy (Cabals, a usually hearty enemy faction, gives a shield for example)
If you think any of the perks could be adjusted to suit it better, go ahead
Peyton-Griswold Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Student General Artist
Name: Warrior's tool kit
Type: battle rifle
Grimore: Developed by Häkke in a time of need guardians were needing a weapon that could reach as far as a sniper rifle and be able to provide suppressive fire as a auto rifle. So development of the Häkke battle rifle aka The Warrior's Tool Kit begun.
Quote:"This is a very advanced rifle made for what the user needed it to be the possibilities are limitless see what you can do." -Banshee-44
Intrinsic perk: High caliber rounds
Tree perks 1: Simi-auto and full-auto
Tree 2: GA Iron, LD Watchdog, ATA Scout , ATB Long range
Tree 3: Hammer Forged, hand loaded, fitted stock
Perk 1: Take a knee
Perk 2: guerilla fighter
Perk 3: mulligan
Stats (Simi-auto)
Stability: 50
Range: 100
Impact: 60
Stats (full auto)
Cosmetics: gillied up Häkke weapon frame A with bi-pod and green paint job
DeviousCooper Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
So how did you make these designs, or more importantly, why did you decide to make stuff like the Destiny guns and armor? I'm training and practicing to be a game designer, so I'd be really interested to hear how or what got you into designing artwork and such like this.

Thank you for your time :)
Demontri Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've thought up an exotic pulse rifle designed off of a fallen shock rifle. Thing is, I'm having trouble thinking of a name for it.
We've got dregs promise
Lord of wolves
Queenbreakers bow

So what should the name of this one be?
RezTheRipper Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017
Kell Breaker if it's not taken
Demontri Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good idea.
RezTheRipper Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017
No problem
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